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Mercedes Benz Lights and What They Mean

Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Light Warning

Brake fluid.png

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light.png

Power Steering Light

Power Steering Light.png

This light could come on after driving or when releasing the parking brake. It means your brake fluid level might be low. 

This light could indicate your engine is not working properly. This indicator could indicate a range of issues.

This light indicates that you may have an issue with your power steering system. If you see this light it is best to pull over and cycle the key. If the light still stays on it is best to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Coolant Light

coolant light.png

Oil Light

oil light.png

Tire Pressure Light

tire pressure light.png

This is a coolant light. It is best to not drive the car very far after this light comes on. Doing so could very seriously damage the vehicle. If this light turns red, it could indicate your levels are very low and needs immediate repair.

This could indicate low oil pressure, a low oil level, or a high oil temperature. It is very important to get this checked out as soon as possible to prevent irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Most Mercedes Benz Vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system. This indicates a low tire. You can drive with the light on but it is best to get this checked out as soon as possible to keep from damaging the tire.

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