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Transmission Services

1996-2003 Models

  • In 1996, Mercedes came out with a fully electronic 5 speed transmission that was designed to go 100,000 miles before maintenance was performed. Unfortunately, Mercedes found out very early that several shifting malfunctions existed and vehicles and the transmission filter and fluid would have to be changed much sooner than 100K. Mercedes thus went to 40,000 miles across the board for all models.

2004-Current Models

  • In 2004 Mercedes-Benz came out with the 7 speed transmission that had no dipstick and the control module (or “brain”) was located inside the transmission to streamline production. This transmission fluid level must be checked from under the car at the pan when servicing the transmission. This also needs service at 40,000 miles similar to previous years models.

Transmission Service

  • All past and present models serviced

  • Factory recommended transmision fluid

  • Comprehensive adapter & O-Ring inspection

  • Full transmission fluid flush & fill up

  • Service intervals every 40,000 miles

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