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What is a Flex B Service?

Flex B service or 2 wrenches shown on the dashboard will follow the next year or 10,000 miles after Flex A service. It includes the same repairs as Flex A but it also includes an air cabin filter replacement, and a brake system flush. It is required every 2 years per Mercedes-Benz factory recommendations. Brake fluid is hygroscopic meaning it attracts water/moisture. Over time this lowers the boiling point of your brake fluid and can cause total brake failure. This service is highly recommended.

  • Bumper to bumper inspection 

  • Full brake system flush 

  • Remove and replace activated charcoal cabin filter set 

  • Synthetic oil change & fleece oil filter 

  • Parking brake check & adjustment 

  • Brake & suspension components check 

  • Sunroof track adjustments & lubrication 

  • Battery, starter, charging tests & printout 

  • Cooling system inspection 

  • Power steering inspection 

  • Lubricated hood hinges 

  • Inspected all lines & hoses 

  • Checked brake pads for wear 

  • Tire inspection (including spare) 

  • Windshield wiper inspection & replacement 

  • Checked and topped off all fluid levels 

  • Reset Flex Service system counter

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